Knitter’s Block

This is something I have never heard of before, but am experiencing at this very moment.  It’s very, very similar to writer’s block, except my affliction requires knitting needles, and not a pen(or a keyboard nowadays).

I can’t find something to knit.  There is plenty of material to work with in both the yarn and pattern situation.  In my room, there is a big box of assorted skeins of yarn.  I’m talking a few feet tall and a couple feet wide.  Big.  But, it’s no help to have all these options because as someone who has trouble making decisions in the first place, increasing the number of options typically just makes things worse.

What about a specific pattern?  Well, you remember how I mentioned all those knitting magazines I got in the ‘March Madness’ post?  I have all those to choose from, plus some knitting books that I got for my birthday and Christmas.  The possibilities are semi-endless!

Given the plethora of yarn and potential patterns, I find myself even more at a loss to make a decision.  There are too many options!  My brain just can’t decide which potential project I should work on next.  Any suggestions are very welcome!  I probably have whatever is needed for anything you can come up with, as far as supplies go.  Unless you are that one individual that picks the one type of yarn that I don’t have in my ridiculous stash.  Please don’t be that person.  Then I’ll feel inclined to go buy more yarn, instead of diminishing the vast amount that I already possess.

Does anybody else experience this problem?  Maybe in some other area?  Writer’s block?  Thankfully, I haven’t had that problem….at least, not this week.

My last project was done right around a week ago- I finished a Mohawk hat for my cousin, C4R.  That’s his stage name.  There’s a picture of the hat on my Instagram, if you’re bored and want to check it out.  If you know anybody that wants one, let me know! 😉

Just one more thing- if you happen to be a crafty person of some sort, you might have possibly thought coming into this post that I was talking about blocking some of my knitting.  For those of you that knit, I apologize for being misleading.  And for those of you that don’t knit, yes, that is something that exists. 🙂  Here’s a mini-explanation of the process-

Blocking a knitted project is normally done for a lace project, but I’ve heard of it being done for other things as well.  Anyway, it’s done to make a lacy garment even more lacy.  When a knitted garment is done, sometimes it tends to curl up on itself(depending on the project, yarn type, etc.), so blocking consists of soaking the finished project, stretching it out over a towel, and pinning it down in it’s stretched out form.  This may not sound good for a knitted garment you just finished, I mean we aren’t supposed to stretch out clothing, right?  But, trust me, it’s how blocking is done!  Once again, if you are bored, look up before and after pictures- the lace comes out quite lovely, and is actually easier to appreciate the lace design.

So, there you go- why knitters stretch out their stuff.  Just one more thing you learned today.  If you already knew that, chances are pretty good that you have a suggestion for me to get my hands busy again.

Let me know what you think below, or just please try to avoid any kind of ‘block’ for yourself- it’s really not a good feeling.  Have a great week, and be block-free!  Thank you for reading. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Knitter’s Block

  1. Have you thought of a “quilted” scarf or shawl? I recently knit several scarves and shawls with different squares and patches of various yarns, and they turned out pretty well. What about some pastel slippers for women and some darker slippers for men?
    Just ideas…:-)

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    • That is a good idea! I have so many little bits of yarn that would work well for that. However, my color-matching skills aren’t so good. 😕 Maybe slippers will be on my needles next! Thanks for the suggestions!!! Love you!


  2. Yep, I get the overwhelmed feeling quite often. And that’s why I’ve learned to just cast on when the urge strikes me. Having NO knitting is worse than having lots of UFOs imo.

    Anyway, as for ideas, how about a blanket? That’s usually a good stash buster. You could either just make a Sock Yarn Blanket ( out of leftovers or go for something like a log cabin out of leftovers. Or if you’ve got lots of yarn (4 colours) that works together, how about a Tamarix Quilt (

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    • Hello! Thank you for the suggestions- both of those patterns are very neat! I’ll definitely have to try one, if not both….😉 I’ve seen the sock yarn blanket in progress before at the (sort of)local knitting shop, and wanted to try it, but didn’t have enough sock yarn! Maybe I do now? I’ll have to check. Thanks for commenting and leaving the nice suggestions! Have a great weekend.😀


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