It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like….

Everyone’s sick.  Merry Christmas.

Last Tuesday, my sister came down with a sore throat.  It developed into a lovely cough, and irritating fatigue.  Being that I share a room with her, the likelihood of me catching it was pretty high.

Sure enough….Thursday I woke up with a sore throat.  The rest of the viral plague took longer to set in, so I went to dance that night, and work the next day!  Thankfully, my job isn’t too terribly tiring.  However, it still wore me out.

When my dad and I got home from work Friday night, everyone else in the family was down with it.  My sisters and I were still really hopeful that we could stick it out, and perform the next day at our Christmas dance performance.  That didn’t happen.  Most of us woke up Saturday feeling even worse.  All the same symptoms- sore throat, cough, fatigue.  General nastiness.  I continued to be thankful that there was no runny/stuffy nose involved- I’ll take a sore throat over that ANY day.  Anyway, we all spent most of the day lying around in varying degrees of consciousness.  That is, except my dad, he hasn’t gotten it yet.

I can’t remember a time where I was as fatigued as I was on Saturday.  Even after spending most of the day dozing(which rarely happens to me), I still had a good nights’ rest!  I would’ve been terribly disappointed if I hadn’t, so it worked out for the best. 🙂

Sunday was much better.  Most of us were able to sit up and laughter reentered the house.  So much so that my roommate and I were quite slap-happy for most of the afternoon.  Coughing and sleeping were still the most accomplished actions of the day though.

Monday….Monday is kind of blurry, but everyone was still doing quite a bit better.  But….I noticed that everyone started developing runny noses, including me. Sigh….

Tuesday we all were doing things like normal, and even eating regularly!  The sickness had taken away the desire to eat, because we weren’t miserable enough.  Not that we could eat any of them, but we started baking Christmas cookies for friends too!  It was a pretty good day.

Thankfully, we got this over before Christmas!!!  I can think of worse things to have on Christmas, but no sickness at all is optimal.  So now we can put away the table decorations- Vitamin C, Garlic, Colloidal Silver, cough syrup, cough drops, and my mom’s assortment of homeopathic remedies.  Oh!  And we can’t forget the good ol’ GermX and disinfectant wipes.  🙂  Our little gingerbread house candle centerpiece is going to be so, so lonely.  However, the rest of us won’t mind a little separation from all those things.  Yes, they’re great to have around when there’s sickness, but we are ready to be done with them!

So, my family and I have just one more thing to be extra-thankful for as we celebrate Christmas this year- health!  Added bonuses include some weight lost and very toned, tight abs from coughing!  Who can complain?

We are also SUPER-excited that my brother is coming home from Iowa on the 23rd.

It’s beginning to look like we’re going to have a great Christmas.  Now, if we could only get just enough snow to have a white Christmas…. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate), and a very happy new year!

Answering a Switchboard

For a university that I worked at, as a summer job.  It was hardly ever boring to answer the phone as the campus operator…. Here are some of my favorite phone calls-

“Is Katy there?”  We are on a huge campus, and you want to know if Katy is there?  I got a few calls like that- first name only and that was the entirety of what they knew about the person.

“What can you do for the average middle-class American?”  Yes, I was asked that.  After a 5-minute explanation on her part, I really wanted to say, “Well, I can transfer you to someone who can help you, and your average middle-class American-ness”, but being the polite operator, I just told her I understood, and transferred her.

“Do you know if a baby was born at the Medical School?”  Umm….probably?

“Who would I talk to about body donations?”  It took me a while to get used to calls like that.

“Can I talk to the operator?”  Nope.  The only person that ever got mad at me on the phone wanted to talk to an operator.  Sigh.

“I called my doctor, and they aren’t answering their phone.  Do you know if they are in today?”  Well, yes, let me run down the hall and check.

“How long can my parents stay with me on campus?”  Let me transfer you to residential life….

“What is the address for the building I’m standing in front of?”  Yeah, uh….Can you describe it please?

“Are you on the third for of the center for advanced medicine?”

“Can you transfer me to *insert nickname here*?”  “……”

“Who’s number is this?”  My opening line is “This is **** University, how may I help you?” , and yet I got asked that all the time.

It’s a good thing I had people to laugh it off with, or I might be a very frustrated individual.  On the other hand, it always made work interesting. 🙂  And thank you to all the lovely people that called in with British accents and were so polite and respectful- every time I got a call from one of you it practically made my day, and made me wish I spoke like that…. 🙂

Answering the switchboard, while interesting, isn’t my favorite job-  I love working on things for my Etsy shop-  Check it out if you want, you might find something you like! 🙂  Have a lovely day.