What It’s Like to Eat Healthy….

….in the eyes of an eight-year-old boy.

Eating healthy is good for you!  Sometimes it’s not always fun, but it’s supposed to pay off in the long run, or so I’m told.  It must be easier to grow up with the quirky health habits we have, than to start with your tastes already developed as an older person.

Quirky health habits include kefir, kombucha, homemade sourdough bread, homegrown meat, etc.  Just so you know to what I am referring.

Anywho, having adjusted quite well(ish) to our diet of sorts, my younger brother happens to have insight about some of these things.  For example- kombucha, a drink which we sometimes affectionately call ‘mushroom juice’ (if you have seen a SCOBY before, you should at least have an idea what I am talking about).  He knows when the kombucha  has sat too long, and you can tell by the look on his face.  Of course, if he is making a face, most of us are making a face.  My dad calls it our ‘Clark Gable face’.  😉  No offense meant to any Clark Gable fans out there!  Drinking kombucha that has fermented too long is somewhat like drinking vinegar….and it’s burning a hole in your esophagus.  It’s not that great really.  But it’s healthy.  So, moral of the story- don’t let your kombucha sit too long.  Side note: My dad, being an avid coffee-drinker is trying to ferment some coffee with the help of a SCOBY.  We’ll see if how it compares with the tea that we use.  So far, my personal preference is green tea.

Most recently, the young fella in our family has made an observation about drinking kefir.  To me, it is an statement fairly unlikely to come out of a female’s mouth, due to the nature of it.  He says “You know, I like to think of drinking kefir as having bad guys inside my stomach, and when you drink the healthy stuff (in this case, kefir), they are like an army going down to battle to fight the bad guys and  it’s like a war inside my stomach”.  Now, I could be mistaken, but that isn’t something typical to come out of a girl’s mouth.

I’m sure this is the first of many blogs about the baby of our family.  One never knows exactly what he is thinking….until a few seconds after he has thought it, and it has made it’s way out of his mouth.  There are very few things he thinks, and keeps to himself.  Or so it seems.  It’s good to have this characteristic in that it tends to promote honesty, and yet, a little less honesty would sometimes be greatly appreciated when we are in public.  😉

2 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Eat Healthy….

    • Um, no we have not always had this diet. My family has progressively gotten healthier over the years…. Kefir and kombucha are fairly recent additions!
      Little brothers are the funniest! One of my older brothers can be pretty funny too….I’m thinking about writing a post about all the funny things my little brother says. 😀

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